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8 Fun Rainy Day Activities for Kids

Published on 10-10-2018 by cfvdadmin

8 Fun Rainy Day Activities for KidsBeing a parent can often feel like being an around-the-clock child entertainer. You’re always thinking of ways to occupy the little ones and allow them to use their energy, but it’s not always easy! There’s a lot of scope for activities on a dry, sunny day, but things aren’t so simple on rainy days. Fear not though, as here are 8 fun rainy day activities that you can thank us for later.

1. Baking

Baking always goes down a treat. And hey, if you make something edible, that’s a bonus! Baking with kids can be messy but a lot of fun. We recommend having an achievable recipe in mind and making sure that you always have the ingredients on hand and saved for a rainy day with the kids. It would probably be a good idea to have some aprons too, and to make it even more fun, why not have some chef hats for the kids to wear? They’ll love it! This should keep the little ones occupied for a good few hours and it’ll be fun for you too.

2. Indoor treasure hunt

Nothing excites kids more than the word ‘treasure’! An indoor treasure hunt provides great indoor fun for kids, and it can be pretty easy to set up. In fact, there are various online resources that offer printable materials to do your treasure hunt with. Have some ‘jewels’ (wrapped chocolates, of course) on hand and let the little ones hunt them out. If you want to go all out, plastic swords and all, check out this guide on how to make a treasure hunt for kids by My Kids Adventures!

3. Build a forteRainy Day Activities for Kids

Among the fail-safe rainy day ideas is building a fort – it’s always exciting and is perfect for playtime and naptime. Grab some pillows, sheets and throws, and use whatever props you can find. Perhaps use chairs for walls and supports for a sheet to go overhead and become a ‘roof’ for the fortress. If you have any battery fairy lights, these can really make an indoor forte feel magical! And don’t forget to make it as cosy as possible – throw all of the duvets, cushions and blankets in!

4. Tie-die station

Fun Rainy Day ActivitiesIf you’re prepared for something more creative and full-on, a tie-die day can be super fun for the kids. To do this you will need some plain and old t-shirts. Alternatively, buy some cheap ones to have in tow for this rainy day activity. You will also need to buy some different-coloured dyes, have some rubber bands on hand, some rubber gloves to protect the hands, and a bucket. You then scrunch your clothing item up in chosen places and tie these areas really tightly with a rubber band. The idea is that these rubber band areas will remain dye-less or the dye will be less vibrant, resulting in bright and interesting patterns. The kids will love the opportunity to get creative! Take a look at The Spruce Crafts’ guide for more detailed instructions.

5. Homemade pizza

Making Pizza on a Rainy DayKids love to make and eat pizza, and it’s a great fun rainy day activity. To remove any stress, it can be a good idea to measure everything out into different bowls before starting, so none of the boring measuring malarkey needs to be done with the kids. Most importantly, make sure that you have a vast selection of toppings available for the kids to choose from! To make things more interesting, why not hold a competition for the best tasting pizza?

6. DIY train tracks/hopscotchRainy Day Activities for Toddlers

Rainy day activities for toddlers don’t have to be complicated, and this simple idea can go a long way. The masking tape stored in the back of your cupboard? It’s been waiting for its time to shine on this rainy day! Use the masking tape on your floor, and furniture if you like, to create some indoor fun. From indoor train tracks that the little ones can drive their mini cars and figurines over, to hopscotches that will get their blood pumping. If you’re feeling generous, you could let the kids design their own indoor fun!

7. Plan your next trip

Nothing maximises the holiday cravings quite like a rainy day stuck inside, so why not use this miserable day to give the little ones the opportunity to have a say on your next family holiday? Buy a cheap map, globe, or look at a map online and let the kids explore and choose locations that they would like to visit most. Then, get them to do some research on their chosen destination to find out how to get there and what they can do whilst they’re there. The kids will enjoy pretending to work in a travel agents and if they end up choosing a great destination with quality ideas, even better! (Pssst, our website has some great information on destinations that are only a short flight away, so why not direct them here to choose a destination?).

8. Indoor tea party

Indoor Tea Party on a Rainy DayThink Alice in Wonderland style – invite all of the toys and all of the teddies and have an indoor picnic! All you need is a big blanket and, of course, lots of picnic food! Cocktail sausages, sausage rolls, crisps – eat the rainy blues away!

Hopefully this guide has offered you some quality ideas on what to do with kids in the rain. Here at Child Friendly Villas Direct, we understand the demands of parenthood and are on hand to offer great travel and parenting advice, as well as wonderful child-friendly villas.

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