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How to Prepare for Your First Family Holiday Abroad

Published on 01-03-2019 by petervz

How to Prepare for Your First Family Holiday AbroadTaking your child on their first holiday is a truly exciting time for any family and it’s often a fond memory for all. With that being said, there are so many different aspects to think of when travelling abroad with little ones for the first time and the prospect may seem daunting for some parents.

This blog post offers some advice on how to prepare for your first family holiday abroad, including what to look for in destinations, preparing for your child’s first flight and how to tackle new experiences abroad with your child.

What is the best destination for your first family holiday abroad?

With lots of child friendly destinations available across the world, it’s easy to find somewhere that’s the perfect fit for your family. Generally speaking, you don’t want a location too far away as a long flight time for your first holiday may be too much for a first time flyer. Also, make sure you have a look at the hotel transfer journey time as that can sometimes be just as long, if not longer, than the flight itself.

When looking at hotels, a great tip from twins club, is to see if the child friendly facilities at  your hotel or villa include cots and pushchairs as this will save you having to travel with these large items. All our child friendly villas have an easy-to-find checklist of facilities so parents can see quickly and easily see if their chosen villa has everything they need. Many parents opt for a villa rather than a hotel for their first holiday as this gives families the freedom to eat, explore and relax on their own terms. There are many advantages of choosing a self-catering holiday including not being restricted to set meal times and the food that’s on offer at the hotel.

When booking your holiday, it’s also advisable to research the surrounding area to see if there’s lots of opportunity for fun and adventure to keep the children entertained. This can be anything from adrenaline fuelled activities such as water sports or exploring a local attraction such as a castle or historical ruin. If you want to make the most of your villa and are lucky enough to have a pool, our top 5 swimming pool games will definitely keep the little ones out of mischief.

first family holiday abroad

Talk to your child about your holiday

A great way of preparing your child for your first family holiday is to simply talk to them about it. It can be very overwhelming for a child experiencing brand new sights and sounds and the best way to prepare them for that is to try and familiarise them with these different concepts and build excitement for their new adventure. For example, you may be travelling to a country where they speak a different language, so it would be a good idea to make your child aware of this. A great idea from mummy endeavours is to teach your child how to say a few words in that language before they go.

Another subject which we would suggest discussing is flying and what to expect during their first experience of an airport. Boarding a plane and talking to them about security and check in is a great way to prepare them for their first flight.

Preparing your child for their first flight

Before you set off to the airport it’s important to remember that your child will need their own boarding pass and international flights require your child to have their own passport too, if in doubt always check the terms and conditions of the airline to ensure you have all the right documents and ID. The plus side is children under 2 can mostly travel free if they stay on your lap for the journey!

first family holidayThe easiest way to make your journey as smooth as possible once you’re sat on the plane is to keep your child occupied and entertained! Bring whatever you need to do this, their favourite travel games or console or possibly a tablet with pre-downloaded films on for them to watch. Using these techniques will provide a comforting familiarity to them and may keep them from feeling so overwhelmed. For more information on flying with toddlers and how to avoid a mid-air meltdown, our informative blog post shares some more tips and tricks to keep your little ones relaxed and happy during their first flight.

The final but most important thing to remember is to enjoy and cherish the wonderful memories you will make on your first family holiday. For more information and advice on family holidays, please read our blog and explore our beautiful child friendly destinations for inspiration for your next trip.

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