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Sleeping Tips for Flying with a Baby

Published on 30-05-2017 by cfvdadmin

Many parents forgo relaxing breaks abroad, afraid of turning heads and disapproving looks when their little one begins to cry. If this sounds like you, we’re here to tell you to book that holiday and relax! According to the Baby Centre, babies sleep for an average of 14.5 hours per day (that’s over half of the day!), so, it’s more than likely that your little babba will sleep soundly throughout the entire flight. If, however, your littl’un has first flight jitters and doesn’t fancy sleeping, our top sleeping tips for babies are here to help!


Sleeping Tips for Babies

  1. Choose a Night Flight

Simple yet effective, choosing a night-time flight will not only help you to stick to your baby’s usual sleeping routine, but will also make it much easier for your little one to sleep as the cabin lights will be switched off.


  1. Try a Sleep Spray

Sleep spray will swiftly become your new best friend. When sprayed onto your baby’s pillow or sheets just before bedtime, the calming scents of Lavender, Vetivert and Camomile will help your little one to drift off into dream land. If you haven’t already got a sleep spray, we recommend This Works Baby Sleep Pillow Spray from Boots.



  1. It’s All About Comfort

Nothing makes sleeping easier than being comfortable. There are 3 key ways to do this: pop your baby in a clean diaper, get them snuggly in their softest pyjamas and ask the airline for a bassinet. The majority of airlines supply passengers with bassinets upon request. These bassinets will provide comfort for your baby and encourage sleep. For more information about bassinet sizes and restrictions, check out this essential airline bassinet seat guide.

Plane Bassinet


  1. Pack Extra Milk

If your littl’un starts crying and you’re not sure why, the chances are they’re thirsty. Why? While on board a flight, the cabin air is very dry causing all passengers great and small to feel thirstier than they normally would. To counteract this, ensure that you pack extra milk!


  1. Take their Favourite Toy

From Toy Story’s Woody to Disney princess dolls, every child has a favourite toy. To help soothe your baby and help them to sleep, let them cuddle up with their favourite toy during the flight.

Afraid you’ll lose your little one’s toy while you’re away? Don’t worry. As part of Child Friendly Villa Direct’s ten point promise, we post all toys left in our villas back to their owners free of charge.


  1. Prepare for Popped Ears

We’ve all experienced that uncomfortable ‘ear popping’ feeling as the plane gradually gains and loses altitude. To help relieve the pressure build up in your baby’s ears, make sure you have a bottle of milk or a dummy to hand during take-off and landing.


  1. Don’t Forget a Carrier

According to, you shouldn’t step onto a plane without a sling or front pack carrier. Why? Because if your baby is struggling to sleep, you can pop them into a carrier and walk up and down the aisle.


For more information on flying with the family, check out our advice on how to avoid a mid-air meltdown and our top tips for flying with a toddler.

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