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Top Tips on How to Reduce Travel Sickness in Kids

Published on 17-12-2018 by cfvdadmin

Top Tips on How to Reduce Travel Sickness in KidsTravelling as a family can be testing enough without one of the children suffering from travel sickness, but unfortunately experiencing sickness during travel is far from uncommon. Many children and adults experience motion sickness, whether it be in the car, on a plane, train or boat, but children between the years of 2 and 12 are particularly susceptible to it.

Although common, there are various strategies that can help to keep the sickness at bay. Not only do the following techniques help children who already feel sick, but they can also prevent the onset of travel sickness too. Here are our top tips on reducing travel sickness in kids:

1. Allow fresh air to circulate when possible

Opening the car window can considerably help children suffering from travel sickness. Letting some fresh air in helps to prevent the car from becoming too warm or stuffy, which can fuel travel sickness even further. Instead, allowing some fresh air to circulate can help to keep the car sickness under wraps.

Although it isn’t possible to open the windows of a plane, most planes have a fan above each seat which travellers can control themselves. If this is the case, make sure the fan above your little one is turned on and pointed in the right direction!

2. Avoid books and digital devices

Reading a book and playing on digital games in a car can spark travel sickness, and although children often like to participate in these activities to avoid boredom whilst travelling, try to instead encourage your little one to focus on things outside of the car instead. Playing a game involving this can be useful, such as the classic ‘I spy’.

3. Sit your child at the front of the car

If your child frequently feels travel sick, a great way to avoid the expected is to let them sit in the front passenger seat of the car. There is less movement in the front of a car than can be felt when sat at the back, so this position can help to avoid the onset of motion sickness.

4. Buy kids’ travel sickness bands

Travel sickness bands are a form of acupressure where a curved stud on the inside of the band is designed to apply a constant gentle pressure, stimulating the P6 acupressure point which is known to relieve nausea. You can buy travel sickness bands for kids in your local Boots store or via their website.

5. Motion sickness remedies for kids

There are various forms of over-the-counter medication designed to reduce travel sickness, some of which are suitable for children and others only suitable for older children and adults. Before travelling, visit your child’s doctor for advice on suitable kids travel sickness medicine appropriate for their age.

6. Choose the right seat on the plane

Placement in a place is similar to a car in that some seats feel less motion than others. Seats over the wing feel less motion than other plane seats, so try to book these rows for you and your family. It’s also beneficial to allow your child to have the window seat as being able to gaze out of the window is a good distraction from travel sickness.

7. Avoid heavy pre-travel meals

A full and heavy stomach can aid travel sickness in adults and children, so avoid having a big family meal before travelling. Equally, an empty stomach can also aid sickness so make sure the kids have eaten something.

8. Take music with you

Music is great for distracting from sickness without having the effect that looking at devices can have. Ensure that the children have access to a form of music device for them to listen to during travel.

Family TravelTravel sickness is extremely uncomfortable and can make family travel difficult, but simple techniques can go a long way in resolving and avoiding travel sickness in children.

If your child’s travel sickness is severe, you might want to avoid long-haul flights before you find some sure-fire remedies to help them. Browse our destinations list to find a holiday destination that is a good distance from your nearest airport!

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