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When Can You Take Your Baby on Holiday?

Published on 28-11-2018 by cfvdadmin

When Can You Take Your Baby on HolidayHaving a baby involves a lot of firsts – their first crawl, first walk, first tooth – and whilst experiencing these exciting ‘firsts’, you might be eager to take your little bundle of joy abroad with you on, you guessed it, their first holiday abroad! And this is likely to involve your baby’s first flight too.

It isn’t uncommon for new parents to have questions when flying with their baby for the first time; there’s a lot to consider and think about, which is why we have put together this guide to answer some of the very questions you are likely to have.

How Old Does a Baby Have to Be to Fly?

Baby at AirportThe minimum age that babies need to be in order to fly on a plane varies between airlines and their individual policies. There’s no standard policy adopted by all airlines, so it’s beneficial to check with your specific airline before booking flights; some airlines are happy for babies to fly when they are just 2 days of age, whereas others only allow babies onboard when they are at least 2 weeks old.

The age at which babies can fly is still quite early, which means you have the option to jet off with your little one rather soon after they’re born, however, we recommend searching for the specific answer to what age a baby can fly at your particular airline to avoid any disappointment. This information can usually be found on your airline’s website.

Do Babies Need Passports?

As is the case with adults, all babies need a child passport before they can travel abroad. Applications for your baby’s passport can be made via the government website, which you can simply fill in and send off. Alternatively, if you don’t have access to a printer, you can fill in a request form to have the forms sent to you in the post.

As well as providing all of the relevant information that the passport form requires, you also need to provide two identical photos of your baby. We know what you’re thinking, taking a baby’s passport photo is not going to be easy! But don’t worry, the restrictions that apply for an adult and older child’s passport photo do not apply for a babies, so the task is much easier than you might initially expect.

What to Do If Your Baby Has a Different Surname to You

If your baby has a different surname to you, you’ll need to take some extra documentation with you to make sure everything goes smooth-sailing. Usually, taking your little one’s birth certificate is sufficient enough as it indicates the relationship between you and your baby. Take a look at our guide on Travelling Abroad With a Child With a Different Surname to You for more useful information.

Travel Safety for Babies

Taking your little one on their first ever holiday abroad might be somewhat of a daunting task as it’s new to everyone, yourself included! In such cases, short-haul trips might appeal to you most, as less travel means less stress and a great way to introduce your baby to flying. Although this has great benefits in terms of ease of travel and family stress levels, short-haul flights and locations might actually be a necessity as there are sometimes restrictions on vaccinations against diseases in certain countries, meaning that you cannot yet take your baby to such destinations. For UK residents, though, countries requiring vaccinations are usually long-haul anyway.

Make Your Baby’s First Holiday a Success

Baby on HolidayTo make your baby’s first holiday a success, our guide to Finding the Perfect Baby Bolthole offers some useful insights into how to make the holiday as perfect as possible. Everything from choosing the right destination to finding the right accommodation; you want to be able to enjoy your holiday without worrying that your accommodation has everything you need, which is why we are dedicated to sourcing baby-friendly villas that offer all of the family-friendly features you need.

Once you have researched from what age a baby can fly with your airline and have applied for your baby’s first passport, you can move onto the fun stuff. Choosing your baby’s first holiday destination is extremely exciting, and we want to make the process as easy as possible! Should you have any information regarding our child-friendly villas, please do not hesitate to get in touch and we will be happy to help.


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